Liam Davis for Delegate

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Economic Development


Support tax Incentives for the next generation of businesses such as Cyber Security Firms and Green Manufacturers.

Advocate for ambitious public works projects that will provide tens of thousands of well paying jobs and modernize our aging infrastructure.

Increase funding for workforce development training.




Restore funding to Maryland's Green Building Tax Credit Program.

Strengthen PlanMaryland legislation to increase public investment in existing communities such as Baltimore City.

Advocate for permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Quality of Life


Develop an ambitious plan to upgrade Baltimore City parks and recreational facilities.

Strengthen targeted programs geared towards reducing high school drop out rates.

Increase state aid towards the Baltimore City Police Department.


Liam Davis

Democratic Candidate for State Delegate - 46th District

Liam Davis is a progressive Democrat running for the House of Delegates in Maryland's 46th District. A native of Northeast Baltimore, Liam attended public schools before attending Calvert Hall College High School. Upon graduating, he enrolled at Towson University and received his bachelor's degree in Metropolitan Studies. Liam's choice of major reflects his deep interest in urban issues and his love of Baltimore City. His experience as a Community Ambassador while a student strengthened his commitment to become a public servant.

While in high school and college, Liam supported himself by working at a grocery store where he became an active member of Local 27 United Food and Commercial Workers. In June of 2011, he was among the thousands of Baltimore area Superfresh workers who were laid off when the Baltimore stores were shuttered. The experience gave Liam a deeper understanding of the challenges associated with job loss and an awareness of the increasing vulnerability of the middle class.

Today, Liam lives and works in the 46th District. He currently serves as a Community Liaison for Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young. Liam began working with the Council President's Office as an intern while completing his studies at Towson University and, upon graduating, became a full time member of the Council President's Neighborhood Relations Team.

Liam serves the City of Baltimore in a professional and caring manner infused with a passion that comes from his deep-rooted love for the city. His belief is that through hard work, creativity, and leadership, the City of Baltimore can become a model for improving communities nationwide.


Community Outreach


If you're interested in volunteering for Liam, email us at

Employment Resources

If you're currently looking for employment, I encourage you to click HERE to view potential job openings via the Mayor's Office of Employment Development. State job openings can be found by clicking HERE.

Grant Information

There's an enormous amount of grant opportunities that exist for citizens to improve their community or business. Click HERE to browse grant opportunities via the Maryland Governor's Office of Grants.

Student Aid

Knowledge is power. Click HERE for information on student financial assistance.

Contact Liam

My door is always open; feel free to contact me personally at I would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve the 46th District.

From Baltimore, For Baltimore



Jack Young

City Council President

"I'm supporting Liam Davis because I know he will fight tirelessly for the people of Baltimore City day in and day out."


Door Knocking

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Phone Banking

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46th District Candidates Forum


Early Voting


Election Day

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