Make Our City Services More Efficient

Our city should not only excel at the basics, but also aspire to accomplish the big things. Our families deserve timely waste and recycling services. They also should receive water bills that are easy to access and read. Filling city staff vacancies and enhancing communication channels between community organizations and city hall will also be top priorities.

Timely Waste and Recycling
When trash and recycling is not picked-up in a timely manner, litter builds-up on our streets. We must properly fund the Department of Public Works’ Solid Waste division. Consistent weekly trash and recycling pickup is a clear responsibility of our city government.
As council member, I will use the City Council’s Legislative Oversight Authority to look deeper into the city’s water billing system to ensure bills are accurate and that all property owners are paying their share. Ensuring the billing system is functioning properly is paramount to the city fully funding the operation, maintenance and upgrade of the entire water system – including fresh water supply, sewer and stormwater systems.
A Direct Line to Our Community Organizations
Neighborhoods across our city have robust community associations and local groups – they have their hand on the pulse of what Baltimore families are concerned about. Whether it be a pothole that has not been filled for weeks or a street light that isn’t working, these groups must have a structured, direct line to City Hall. This means council members are held accountable while also able to more effectively problem solve with those who are directly affected.
Fill Essential Revenue Generating Vacancies
In order to ensure our city’s regulatory infrastructure does not fall behind, Baltimore must fill openings in code enforcement, building inspection, and parking enforcements. Additionally, the city is losing needed revenues due to not collecting fines for violations.

Protect and Improve Our Online Infrastructure

We must protect and maintain the internet assets that our city currently owns. Additionally, our city websites must not only be updated and easy to use, but also be a helpful resource for city services. We must also utilize our websites as a platform to enhance city government accountability and transparency.

Protect and Maintain Our Internet Assets
I will continue to fight for the protection of Baltimore City’s Municipal Conduit System as a public owned entity. This underground infrastructure primarily connects our internet lines. Baltimore City’s recent designation as an official Tech Hub by the U.S. Economic Development Administration further highlights the need to fully leverage this unique infrastructure asset. Baltimore City should be home to the fastest, most reliable and affordable internet service in the nation, providing Baltimore City a strong economic footing into the next era of innovation.
Create a Public, Transparent City Grant Database
Millions of dollars each year are given to non-profit and incorporated entities by the city. In many cases, these organizations are doing amazing work for their communities, but this is not adequately publicized. If a parent is looking for a program for their child to advance their art interest, then they should be able to search for such publicly funded initiatives on an online database. There are unfortunate cases where city money is not being spent wisely, but that can only be recognized through transparent reporting.
Update our Agency Websites
It is often difficult to find important up-to-date information on city agency websites. We must do an audit of our city’s online infrastructure to ensure that residents can better explore and navigate digital resources. Additionally, the city should review which city service processes, including the 3-1-1 line, can be incorporated into our online ecosystem or made more advanced.

Attract Talent to City Government

To turn things around in City Government, we must do a better job of attracting and retaining talent. The City may not be able to compete with the private sector in terms of compensation, but we can improve in other key areas.

Enhance Benefits to Retain and Attract New City Government Employees
We must ensure that workplace facilities are maintained, agencies are managed well, and equal pay for equal work is established across city government – no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. We can also do a better job of providing impactful benefits, such as improved paid family leave or flexible work hours. The bottomline is we need to do a better job of encouraging talented employees to work for the City, and once they do, stay here.
Support Parents in City Government
Unfortunately, child care costs have risen to high levels across the nation. We must explore ways to provide reliable, safe childcare to our city government employees and expand paid leave for growing families. This will not only attract new talent, but lower financial stress for those who work hard to make Baltimore a better place for all.