Support and Expand Our Transit Systems

Baltimore's public transit must be both efficient and reliable. Many of the greatest cities in the world have a plethora of bus, train, subway, and water transportation options for their residents. With the proper dedication and willpower, we can enhance and grow our public modes of transportation.

Collaborate on Building the Red Line
We must build the Red Line with community collaboration. It will be an essential East-West connection that will reduce traffic, boost economic growth, and attract new residents and businesses to our city. As with all transit projects, all neighborhoods impacted should provide input and then receive frequent consistent project updates – a massive, game-changing undertaking requires all of us to be involved.
Ensure our Current Transit Network is Safe and Reliable
Working with federal and state stakeholders, we must ensure that all of our transportation infrastructure, including the Light Rail, is both safe and reliable. As your councilperson, I will utilize my oversight powers to hold our transit agencies accountable.
Enhance our Water Taxi System
Our city’s most treasured asset is the harbor, but imagining its use as a world-class transit mode is too often overlooked. The current connector should be advanced by utilizing federal, state, and private grants. We should aspire to have a high speed water taxi network that connects neighborhoods and attractions all along the waterfront – from Canton to Baltimore Peninsula to Middle Branch.

Attract New Businesses and Residents

Our neighborhoods deserve businesses and developments that create good paying jobs, foster gathering places for our communities, and safe, affordable homes for our residents.

Ensure Baltimore Realizes the Potential of the Tech Hub Designation
Baltimore City’s recent designation as an official Tech Hub by the federal government will drive economic development and bring new high-paying jobs and small businesses to the region. We must not squander this opportunity to set our city apart from national and local jurisdictions. I will work with our federal and state partners to ensure the city is a strong collaborator, drawing input from community and business leaders.
Expand Live Baltimore and Support Visit Baltimore
Organizations that bring people to Baltimore to reside (Live Baltimore) or play (Visit Baltimore), are integral to growing our city’s tax revenue. Additionally, a part of their mission is to confront the flawed perceptions of our beloved city. I suggest we expand Live Baltimore’s home buying incentive programs, opening up grants to graduates of Baltimore City Public Schools.  I will also work closely with Visit Baltimore to provide support for more localized, neighborhood tourist attractions. Sporting events and large concerts will help drive the Baltimore renaissance, but increased economic development in our neighborhoods will be of the utmost importance.
Ensure New Developments Lift Up Communities
The cranes scattered across the Baltimore skyline are a welcome sight! When we build new buildings – residential, commercial, or both – the surrounding neighborhood’s input should be valued. As your council member, I’ll be ready to hear any concerns or questions you may have about development in your area. Additionally, I support proactive efforts to fund and incentivize the development of affordable housing throughout Baltimore. We do not want the people of Baltimore to be priced out as the City’s economy improves; we have much to learn from cities such as expensive New York City and San Francisco. Affordability often makes the difference when young professionals and new families are deciding where to settle down – Baltimore must take advantage.

Make Baltimore a Leader on Climate Issues

Climate change is real. Over the last 30 years, this should not have been a debate. Baltimore can and must be a beacon for green economic policies. Since our federal government has not sufficiently confronted this issue quickly enough, we must also develop sound flood remediation strategies and infrastructure.

Explore Tax Credits for Businesses
Our local businesses should be partners in fighting climate change, not pushed to the side or even demonized. We should encourage upgrades to high energy consumption technologies by utilizing tax incentives or credits. Refrigeration devices, for example, are one of the largest carbon emitters.
Prevent Disastrous Flooding
We must pinpoint areas that face flooding today or will in the future and then work with all levels of government to enhance our infrastructure. Beautiful neighborhoods such as Fells Point and Canton should be protected from rising harbor water. I intend to work closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore Office to prioritize flood mitigation infrastructure improvements that would protect flood prone areas of Southeast Baltimore.